Testing Login_Authetication Scripts

I know I am close to completing this part of my project, however, not sure exactly what I am doing wrong since credentials are not saving, loading from credentials is not working, and I been trying to link this to a character selection as hard coded when an account is created.

This is for localized testing only, but I haven’t figured out how to properly encrypt anything either. I do want to be able to adapt it over later on using a secured server eventually but until things are working correctly and data is better secured I wont be able to progress.

As an FYI I do want to be able to have such things as only the user name displayed on the main UI and in a chat box based on the credential registry and also in turn links to selected player character, and it does need an age verification which is why the birth date bit is in there.

I am likely making things over complicated which is part of the issues, yet all and all I am lost at this point. I haven’t posted code here as of yet as I will wait for positive and helpful responses before I do so, and also because I am trying to keep things as secured as much as possible.