Testing on a different machine

I am wanting to try my hand at VR. For various reasons I don’t want to hook the headset to my desktop and would rather use it with the laptop that I bought specifically for playing VR. I have the two machines in a local network but was wondering how I could preview the game on my laptop while developing ? I know VS usualy puts a exe in the debug directory but I can’t seem to find it for unity. (i can’t remote desktop due to version of win 10 I have). I tried installing unity on my laptop but it won’t open the projects from the other computer for some reason.

any help would be appreciated
Thank you

If your simply looking for the .exe for you game it’s wherever you build the game, if you go to build settings and build the game you can decide where you put it, so in theory you could save the build straight onto a shared harddrive and run it on your other computer.