Testing orthographic camera at various resolutions -- detect window resize?

I’m trying to test dynamic layouts – and while I can configure the camera at start, is there any kind of event I can listen to to detect a change in screen resolution of the game view in the editor so I can modify my layout? Polling the resolution in an update seems like a poor solution.

I’m a beginner and my solution may not be professional, but try use Screen.width & height:


public class MyMonoBehaviour : MonoBehaviour {

public Vector2 LastScreenSize;

protected virtual void OnScreenSizeChange() {
	Vector3 v = GetMyCamera().ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3( Screen.width-70, 70, GetMyCamera().nearClipPlane));
	this.transform.position = v;

// Update is called once per frame
protected virtual void Update () {
	if ((LastScreenSize.x != Screen.width) | (LastScreenSize.y != Screen.height)) {
		LastScreenSize.x = Screen.width;
		LastScreenSize.y = Screen.height;