Testing UI on higher resolutions than computer screen


I wanted to know whether there is a way to test the scene in a resolution higher than the monitor resolution in the editor?

Our project is mobile and I have tried Unity Remote but that also limits the mobile screen to what the editor game view can handle.

To test if everything is place I have to consistenly build on my device and this is slowing me down.

Thanks in advance.

No, you can’t.

You can select a resolution in the top left corner of the GameView. You can even set a custom resolution / aspect ratio there but Unity actually uses a resolution that fits into the actual window and maintain the aspect ratio. So all dynamical components should appear correctly. Only things with a fix (pixel) size can’t be displayed correctly.

What should work is using a Render Texture with your desired resolution. The only problem is that things done in post rendering (the old GUI system for example) won’t render to that texture since they are rendered directly to the screen as they don’t require a camera. If you use the new GUI system it should be possible to let all cameras render to the same render texture.

You won’t see the output in your gameview unless you setup another camera which just renders the render texture fullscreen. Keep in mind that if the render texture is greater than your actual resolution it get downsampled. You can also select the render texture asset in the project tab to see it’s current content. You can also undock the preview area by right-clicking on the resize bar at the top.

Also keep in mind that code that relies on Screen.width and Screen.height won’t give you the right result when using a render texture.