Tetris UI Design is not so easy.

I am developing a Multiplayer Tetris game to learn Unity.
Multiplayer features are done by NGOs and are working well now.
The rest is developing the game's UI.
To be honest, I finally realized that I was not good at UI development. :(
I've googled thousands of times but couldn't find an answer.
I want to develop my own game UI.
Does the community know how to develop game UIs like multiplayer Tetris using Unity?


The straight answer to your question is simply this: yes and no, depends on who you ask. :p

You may want to phrase your question more specifically, especially mention exactly what you are having problems with and to what exactly you couldn‘t find an answer to. Note that in case you are looking into networked UI: don‘t. There is no such thing. The UI only presents the game‘s state or alters it. In itself the UI isn‘t (should never be) synchronized over the network.

I recommend UIKit / UI Builder / UIElements and read its tutorials. Unity also has an entire ebook on UIKit. https://discussions.unity.com/t/903204

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Thank you very much for your kind advise.

There are several requirements for my game UI development.
I think they look like general requirements for general game UI development.
It might because my UI skill is not enough yet.

  • Short period of time for UI development Others as well as me need focus more on backend development.
  • Optimization and performance issues Some games are very slow due to bad UI codes which use huge device resources. For example, using URP and Post Processing is not mobile friendly. In particular, for my Tetris game, user actions should be very sensitively handled. Which means, user actions should not be processed immediately and not be delayed. The bad UI performance can affect badly to the user action processing. This is serious and this means "DEAD" in action games like Tetris. (Even more my Multiplayer Tetris.)
  • I could not find out the solution when I googled. Developers continuously need to "Reinvent a Wheel" for their games. I think developers pain for that, right?

Best practices prevent most of it, and the rest goes through profiling and optimizing the hot spots. ;)

Post Processing is not mobile friendly. URP is. Overall, URP is faster on mobile than legacy render pipeline, often by significant margins.

That is how UI normally behaves, unless it's been programmed very, very inefficiently.

If you have a performance issue, analyze it through profiling. If you worry about having performance issues, implement a solution and profile as you go along. You will be very unlikely to have a performance issue with UI in a simple game like Tetris.

However, you WILL see lag due to networking. But this has nothing to do with the UI.

Thank you.

Now I changed the project template from 2D(core) to 2D Mobile(core).
- This could help to fast action processing?
- Also, 2D URP (core) is really mobile friendly?


The template only changes what packages will be installed by default.

URP is the universal render pipeline which is faster and more efficient particularly on mobile and webgl. It's interesting that the Hub still suggests the legacy pipeline for mobile development, but I guess this is because there's just so much more content that is compatible with the legacy pipeline so it may be the easier choice for beginners.

In any case, none of these choices affect how responsive the UI will be.

Thank you for your help.

Hello @CodeSmile
How is it going?

I have one question
The unity template 3D(URP) is mobile friendly?

What about HDRP??
Is that also mobile friendly??

HDRP is the High Definition Render Pipeline. It's designed to push visuals as far as possible and has no support for Android and iOS (though even if it did support them only expensive models like the iPad Pro would have the speed for it).


Your topic is helpful for my work
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