tex3d lookup yields black mesh - why??

Hi there,

I’ve been scouring every nook of the unity community, and other online resources, and have found no answer to why using Aras’ example found here yields a black mesh. I’m running 4.1.3f3 on a new macbook pro (which was confirmed in the previous post to support the feature). Many others have had this problem, like these folks, and again here, but no one seems to have an answer. The docs have a broken link to what looks like is meant to be documentation on texture3D, and I’ve successfully tested to see if SystemInfo.supports3DTextures yields “true”, which it does. At this point I’m at my wit’s end.

If anyone has any leads on this, please share!


Ah ha! Thanks Graham, Kajos. I think it’d help if that bit of info were more easily discoverable. 30-day Pro Trial here I come.

It’s a shame I can’t vote up and accept a comment - this’ll have to do so that folks know that it isn’t unresolved.