Text Appearance Glitch in Unity UI 5.3

Sometimes the text glyphs in my game appear glitched and jumbled, like the glyph is reading from the wrong part of the font texture. This happens with the Text component of the Unity UI.

See image comparison below.

Reloading the text usually fixes it, but if it appears as text in a menu or something this can be super frustrating for the player. It happens in-editor and in builds. I’m running Unity 5.3 on a Mac, if that helps, but I’ve seen it on Windows too.

Any idea why this is happening, or what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

I’ve seen a few people ask this question, and I’ve asked it myself before, but none of them seem to have posted a solution. Usually it’s from around a year ago.

I discovered the fix for this.

If you call: gameObject.GetComponent ().SetAllDirty(); when the object loads, it will fix the issue completely.

Same issue here.

We encountered this glitch in an application. The client the application was developed for, asked us to fix this glitch (It randomly appears but always on the same text element). We have no Idea what causes it.

Application was built int Unity 5.4.0p4

I have two fonts light and extra bold type, my font was using extra bold I changed it to light font then set my font style to bold. It fixed the problem.