Text appears really faint

I have a script that writes some text OnGUI(). My other OnGUI() scripts seem to work fine, but this one seems to look horrible even though it’s the same writing technique.

alt text

A) What I see against a black background
B) What I see against a grey background
C) It should be White (255,255,255,255).

All of my other screen elements are bright white and they show up as such.

Any help would be appreciated.


If it’s caused by someone else fading your color, and you can’t fix that, a hack is to use super-white – an RGB of 512. You can’t do that in the color-picker, but you can do it in code (well, usually.)

The code uses 0-1 for the channels (Color.white is 1,1,1,1,) so GUI.color=new Color(2,2,2,1); is double-white. It just looks white, but suppose someone blends it with black. It gets cut in half to “only” (1,1,1), which is still fully white instead of the grey it would have been.

Wow, um… so… yeah… it turns out the reason that I was having issues was that 2 gameobjects had the OnGUI() draw script. I removed one of the dupes and it works like a charm now.