[Text Area] Not working properly - Unity 2019.3 Lighweight

Hey everyone,
The [TextArea(X,Y)] code is not working for me, displaying an empty block without the writeable string.
I’m using the 2019.3.0a3 Unity Version.


public string sentence;

The images speak for themselves: It appears that the Text Area IS THERE, but I can’t click nor write on it.

Also, the Text Mesh Pro and vanilla Text components both seem to also be bugged.
Any help is appreciated, thank you! It appears that “STRINGS” are bugged in general.

Same problem here.,Same problem here

I fixed it by reverting to a previous engine. (The last 2018, now marked LTS.)

I’m new to Unity, and just used the top engine on the Hub list, which is now marked alpha, I think. I’d report it as a bug if I knew how.

If you can’t wait, you could write a custom inspector or maybe the free package (Naughty Attributes IIRC) could help. In my case I only cared about the inspector window - if it affects the UI, I assume they will fix in next patch.

This is BS. Its the basic thing that Unity needs to take care of!