Text blurred: uGUI 4.6

I’m using a Text component. But the text seems very blurred on screen… Not seems like that well defined text as I saw on videos about Unity 4.6.
I have tried reduce the scale to 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 and increase the font size to a very high number. To big texts looks better, but to small text don’t look good.
Someone knows how to get a better definition with UI.Text?

If you have a “Canvas Scaler” component on the parent canvas, up it’s “Dynamic Pixels Per Unit” to 4 or 5.

You probably need to enable Pixel Pefect on the Canvas component, your Text is parented to

What you can do is find a new and less pixelated font or, you can make text on Adobe Photoshop and that will not make it blurry. I have done it because it does get a bit pixelated (Blurry).

Please read this topic http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/sharpenning-text.263810/
“the only way to fix it is make width and height huge and scale the text down.” helped me in an Android app.
But I can’t get a clear text in button’s label.

I reset the Rect Transform with the text selected and it sharpened right up.

Just came across this thread in the process of solving the same issue.

I have found that reducing the “Character Size” parameter for your text-mesh and increasing the “Font Size” to compensate has solved my problem. I hope this helps someone else out!

Here is a quick solution; make a text (Component/GUI/Button), set the font size to something big like 88. Then, make the box big enough to contain it. Finally, scale the text down to a smaller size using the scaling tool at the top left underneath the File and Edit bar. Scale it down and the pixels compress, resulting in clear text.

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I had wrote different possible solutions of such problems here:

try this How to Sharper Text Unity 5! 3D Mode - YouTube