Text chat using push messages

Hi, I want to incorporate a text chat into my game where there are multiple rooms/channels that can contain up to 100 players per channel. It seems I should be able to do it with push messages however I'm not certain if it is a recommended solution for a chat like this. My idea currently is to have some json stored in cloud save that represents a room and this will contain all the current active players in that room which I can then call "SendPlayerMessageAsync" for each one of them. Would this be a viable option? is there a better way I can go about it?

Also to note, the rest of my game isn't really multiplayer so I cant make use of any existing connections. I have also looked into vivox but that seems overkill for this scenario.

Thank you!


You can try using cloud save custom data or files to store your chat.
I can think of two main challenges with this approach:
- Handling locks and retries correctly to prevent concurrent writes and potentially losing messages.
- Signaling changes to each player to avoid polling and rate limits

You could look into using cloud code with player notifications for the signaling when a message is added

If you expect a lot of concurrent players in a chat room, Vivox is probably not overkill and would work a lot better and out of the box