Text.CrossFadeAlpha not working?

I’m trying to fade in a UI component by using the following code:

public float fadeTime = 1.0f;
public Text textItemGUI; // Set through inspector.

void Start() 
    textItemGUI.CrossFadeAlpha(1.0f, fadeTime, true);

Nothing happens! I’m logging the alpha in the update function and there I can see that the alpha is just kept 0.0 forever. What is wrong?

Hellium fixed it for me. I added one line and now the following “fade in” line works! :

    faderGraphic.CrossFadeAlpha(1.0, fadeSpeed, false);

Graphic.CrossFadeAlpha() changes the alpha of the CanvasRenderer attached to the same gameObject, not the alpha of the Image.color. If you wanna start your image completely transparent and then fade it in, you need to set the alpha of its CanvasRenderer to zero like this imageComponent.canvasRenderer.SetAlpha(0);.Don’t change the alpha of the Image.color.