Text Disappearing and TextMeshPro - Text Component replaced with Script

I'm having an issue creating text for my UI using Unity. I'm able to create an object with a TextMeshPro - Text component.

However, when I make a change to any of my scripts and Unity reloads, the TextMeshPro - Text component gets replaced with a script. My text also stops showing up. How can I prevent this from happening, what is the cause, and how can I get my text to show up? The text does not appear in either game or editor

I've tried restarting Unity and reinstalling the TextMeshPro package. There are no console errors or warnings.

I uploaded a 60 second video showing the problem. I've also attached images.



The script referenced in this video is not attached to any GameObject in my project and is just boilerplate.

We have also tried uninstalling all third-party packages and changing editor versions.

This was fixed by editor versions from 2022.3.19f1 to 2021.3.36f1 back to 2022.3.19f1