Text insertion cursor is not following text vertical alignment.

When I create an input field, make it bigger, and align the text to the middle vertically, the insertion cursor does not go to the middle:

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new canvas
  2. Use the rect transform tool to strech it vertically
  3. Go to the “Placeholder” game object inside the text input, and in the inspector, in the text script, select the middle button in the vertical alignment.
  4. Do the same with the “Text” game object
  5. Run and type something

I could not reproduce your problem (v5.1.0f3):

alt text

Also carret should be affected only by Text alignment (due to the fact that it stays where you type char).

Have you tried the same with a new empty project? If you have and you don’t have some Editor extensions/software that could possibly interfere then most likely it is a specific version bug, in that case could you post Unity Editor version which you use?, so that someone with same version could check it out, or you could try to reinstall if you’re willing to do so or even better off to install the latest version, and if the bug persists + you’re using the latest version of v4/v5 then you can report this bug, you can read THERE on how to do it.