Text is blurry in web build


I have created an application and the text looks sharp/good in the editor and the pc build.

However the font becomes fuzzy when I use the web build option.

The resolution that I have used for the pc build is the same as the one for the web build ( 960 x 600 ).

The version of Unity the latest (4.1.x)

The font format is tga.
The size of the font is a power of 2.
The format is set as rgba 32 bit.
I have also enabled generate mip maps (with default settings).
Placed the filter mode to bilinear.
Placed the aniso Level to 3.

The last three things I have enabled after the first few results were blurry but to no avail.

Also, I have tried this before in unity with GUI.Label and now with NGUI and the results were the same.

I know I am doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

Any help is more than appreciated.

LE: I have chosen this answer as the correct one. Because it first suggested the fix (quality).

I also give thanks to Graham Dunnett for the link. At first I thought I had made the change but I only selected the beatiful without actually doing the change to it. If there is a way to give reward/vote to you to, please advice how.

Also thanks to other people for taking the time to give their suggestions on this.

Thank you very much.

The web player will use the least expensive quality setting you allow. Therefore if you want good or better quality settings, go to Edit > Project Settings > Quality in the inspector and uncheck all settings boxes you don’t want the web player to use.

I would try turning off mipmaps, unless theres a good reason for using them?

Failing that, check quality settings in Edit → Project Settings → Quality

Check to see what Quality settings your game uses on webplayer. The texture size can be reduced, for example. See: