Text is in front of game object

My score is displayed in the middle of the screen, and it blocks the view on my player. for some reason layer order doesnt help at all, how can I make a text be behind an object?

In the parent canvas of your text, change the “Render Mode” from secrren space OVERLAY to “SCREEN SPACE CAMERA”.

In that component itself Attach your Main camera to your “Render Camera”.

Then you need to add sorting layer to your game. To do this,

Click on Layer - >Add Layer → Then add, Sorting Layer → [say Background and Foreground.The sequence matter, where the last layer gets rendered on the top most and so on…].

Then again in you parent canvas component change the “Sorting layer” to ‘Background’[Which you created before.].
You can further set order withing that layer using “Order in Layer”.

Hope this helps.