Text Mesh doesn't render until completely on screen

Hi, I am using a shader found here:


on some 3D text so that the text does not always appear on top of other objects. The problem I’m having is that the text doesn’t render until the top of the text mesh enters the screen.

I’m making a word game so the letters are on boxes, and depending on the position of the box if the top leaves the screen first, the letter disappears before it is fully off screen. Same thing coming in, if the bottom comes in first, the letter magically appears on the box after it is already on screen.

I’m sure this is some attribute of the shader I can change, but I don’t know enough about them to pinpoint it. Any ideas? Thanks


OK I never figured out the answer to this question at the time, but just figured it out today and it’s quite stupid. But hopefully this will help someone else out with the same problem.

I have a cube, with a 3Dtext on all 6 sides. This issue was that I had the Text just SLIGHTLY too close to the cube so depending on its angle or what it was doing, the text would either render because it was visible, or not because it was “inside” the cube. Kind of strange behavior but the solution was simple, edit the prefab and pull the text out just a hair. Problem solved