text mesh. how would i make it face up?

How would i go about making a text mesh face up along the y axis?
I have a simple grid based level that generates a random star map along the x,z axis and on each star in the map a simple script is attached that puts its star type, x and z positions in to a string the script then puts that string into the mesh text. All that seems to work fine except that the text is shown along the x axis facing out on the -z axis and i would like it facing out on the +y axis.
Any ideas are welcome.
Many thanks in advance.

A textMesh is the same as any other game object, and rotates with the same math.

If you manually rotate it to face up, you’ll see rotation=(90,0,0). To get that in code, use Quaternion.Euler(90,0,0);. For example, use that as the 3rd input to Instantiate (instead of Quaternion.identity) or set “starLabel.rotation=” to that.