Text mesh pro glow and bloom

Helle everyone,
Im’ a begginer with unity, especially with the effect and post processing.

I try to display cool text in the game canvas overlay, using text mesh pro.
The text must got a glowing "neon night " effect.
In scene view, it’s work pretty well and i like it ( still need to tune it a bit).
But in game view / render, the brightness part of the glow effect disapear.

Here is an exemple
At top is the scene view, pretty bright.
Bottom is the game view, no more brightness, but the pink glow part is here.


i think this is related to post processing, but really not sure.
When i desactivate post process layer or post process volume, the effect disapear also in scene view.

Thank for your help.

I found the issue.
I have to put the canvas to screen space camera, drag the camera with post process effect in the " render camera field" and put a very low distance to keep it on top of other game object.