Text not showing up in editor or build!

I have a very, VERY bad problem. Recently I was working on my game. Just doing that then all of the sudden the text just went away. All the UI text throughout the game was GONE. I tried restarting Unity, I tried restarting my PC, but all the text it gone. What’s weird is that I can create new text elements and it will work fine but all text that was previously in the game is GONE. Even if I try to build the game it won’t even show up when I run it… Please help! I do not want to have to replace ALL THE TEXT IN THE WHOLE GAME… Thanks



Also if you would like more details, pictures, etc just ask.

Well, pictures would be a good start…

Anybody else having the same problem? Or is it just me…

What font is the text using? Is that font still in your project? Try Reimport All just in case you corrupted some asset bindings.