Text not showing up in Game

I’m currently trying to learn Unity and I’m following Mark Browns tutorial ( https://youtu.be/XtQMytORBmM ) and I’m currently trying to place the Score on the screen, however my text which looks fine in the editor doesn’t show up on the game screen. I’ve looked at many topics none seem to answer this issue.

Hi @spyco03!
Based on your screenshot I see that it looks like the Text (Legacy) object is off of the screen.
If you look at the inspector in the Rect Transform section the Pos X and Pos Y numbers are negative.
Negative numbers are not a problem necesarly but yours are too far negative.
If you were to drag on the little blue square and move the number above and to the right of the bird I think that it would be visible on the screen.

Yes your number text is out of UI Canvas screen. Rectangle on the middle of the screenshot is a Camera View Canvas not UI Canvas. Number text should be Inside the UI Canvas. If you zoom out the scene you will see massive rectangle which is the Canvas you can click on Canvas in the Hierarchy and press F key. Then put your number inside it. I know it is confusing as a beginner because basically there is like two canvases/screens one for Scene objects and the other one for UI objects.