Text Recognition in unity

I am looking for help in Text recognition , as there is voice recognition example in boot camp demo , I want to do inverse of it . Like I want it to read the player's name what ever the user enter and play a sound for it (the name entered actually). Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like you want voice synthesis (i.e. Text-To-Speech), complex but not impossible to achieve, though I doubt you'd get it in the web player as you'd have to rely on plugin/dll.

Both Mac and Win OS have native support for voice synthesis (though not state of the art so will always sound a bit odd/robotic), but you'll have to find a plugin that you could interface with the API from within Unity.

However unless you can find someone who has already done this, implementing it will be hard unless you are an accomplished programmer.

Whilst on an unrelated search I came across this thread on Unity forums, that would suggest that someone has already written a plugin/dll to do text-to-speech via windows native feature. Might be worth a look.

Another way to go, which is also very laborious (but has been done for games like 'Black and White') is to actually record someone speaking many names (a few hundred I'd guess), save each as an audio file which you'd import to Unity, then match the text they enter (name) to the sound file, and play it. If they enter some name not on the list, you'd play something generic.