Text RPG inventory

I’m rather new to game creation so don’t laugh at this question. I was wondering if anyone could help me or start me off on the code for a 10 item inventory in an TI83+ Text RPG game i have created. It is done being being mapped out, but i am in urgent need of an inventory that you can pick up and drop items. And if there is a code you can put on an item to place in the inventory and drop that would be great if you have the time to help with that, if not that is okay i just need the inventory. Please Help
Thank you.

Hello 1616161222, I am also in game creation but before we ask questions try for yourself to do the coding. If you have trouble/error in your code just post it here so we can help you. These are just tips on how I viewed you RPG.

for “Inventory”

  • try to search how to use arrays. This can help you to increase/decrease the slots in your inventory. Also, the size of the array must be the same as the size of the design of inventory for you to know what is the exact location of each items.

for “DragAndDrop Items”

  • Mouse functions are the one can solve that. for example MouseOnClick function.