Text size not getting bigger in mobile phone

Hello everyone,

I’m making a simple menu for an Android game with a script. So I create a GUI Skin and the buttons in the script and I customize the buttons through the inspector.
The thing is, no matter the font I pick is setted to dynamic or unicode, and I change the font size from the font Import Settings or from the Gui Style, there’s a point when the size won’t grow. It grows in the Unity editor, but when I check on the mobile it looks always the same size. So I can make it smaller but not bigger.

I would really appreciate some help. I’m working with Unity 4.6

once I had the same problem. I figured it out by using guistyles.Now all textsizes are calculated by the Screen.width and Screen.height. Just write the following code!

float fontsizeHeight = Screen.height / 100;
(int)fontsizeH = fontsizeHeight;

guistyleName.fontsize = fontsizeH;

That’s all. Good Luck!