Text UI is not showing up.

Please, let me know how to make a Text UI showed up.

I created a Text UI, but could not see it at all.

I have changed its font size, position, etc, but nothing.

I tried to add a button as the child of the same canvas with the text, and the button showed up immediately.

Here are my screenshots.

Please look into it. Googling has not been helpful for this problem.

Additionally, I also tried to change the material of the Text, for example, to Default-Diffuse.

As the results, black rectangles just showed up on the Scene and Game view as presented on the second screenshot.

The interest thing is that there were the same #rectangles with #lines.

3lines → 3 rectangle vertically arranged.

I hope that this can be a clue to figure out the cause of this problem.

I’ll very grateful for your any kinds of help.


So when you select the text you will see a bounding box. Try making it bigger and then make sure your
Horizontal Overflow’ and ‘Vertical Overflow’ under the text component of your object are both set to Overflow.