Text UI only shows up in game window but not in the build window

I have these text on the screen when ever I build them they seem to disappear. These little pointers on the side are controlled by a script but I don’t think that is the problem here because they work in the game window.



Mmmm interesting…

Are you generating the text meshes via code? or they are in scene when the scene is loaded? SOmethime,s for some reasons, the order of execution of your scripts, changes on build than on editor, so things that works on editor, does not work on build.

Use the Script Execution Order settings to specify the relative order that Unity invokes the event functions of different MonoBehaviour classes.

Another thing can be the distance with the camera, if the camera is too close, or the render distance too small, it can have changes when asopect ratio change. When you play it in editor, set the aspec ratio of “Game” tab the same as your screen when you build it.

Let’s see if we are luck and is one of these things.


The text is being turned off and on by in the hierarchy by the script, I’ve changed the resolution in game but the problem still persists, but also some other objects are being affect when not even apart of the script so I think its a visual bug that’s causing this.