Text wobbles as Content changes

Hey guys,

I am using the new GUI on Unity 4.6 and I got a textpanel in which text gets written via script.
As the content of the textpanel changes, the width of it changes too, which I want to prevent.
By now the text just says "Stuff: ‘Number’ ", where as ‘Number’ is either 100 or 50. The changing of this is causing the unwanted wobble. My script looks like this:

 #pragma strict
    import UnityEngine.UI;
    var Number : int;
    function ChangeNumber (){...}
    function Update () 
    	gameObject.GetComponent.<Text>().text = "Stuff: " + Number;

You can ask in the Beta group, where our developers could help.

Hey, I’m looking for a solution aswell. Anyone got any idea?