TextAsset / Resources.load return null

Hi. I searched anywhere but nothing helped me.
I have this code for loading different languages using same key in C#.


I have one big problem. When i start the game and try code work, it could’n find any file.
Problem is on this line:

TextAsset textAsset = (TextAsset) Resources.Load(fullpath, typeof(TextAsset));

This line always return null. I don’t know why.
I searched for the same issue but nothing helped me.
I found these themes:


To the end. I know, the files must be placed in the Resources folder. I use this method (Resources.Load) in another part of the code and work fine.
Thanks all who helped me.

Did you really find out the problem:

The path is relative to any Resources folder inside the Assets folder of your project, extensions must be omitted.

Source: Resources.Load

Text Assets are a format for imported text files. When you drop a text file into your Project Folder, it will be converted to a Text Asset. The supported text formats are:










Source: TextAsset

For anyone else having trouble, you may find this helpful.

when importing a simple text file sometimes there is no extension (.txt) and unity wont recognise it as a text asset. To do so, click and edit the file’s name to add an extension. An easy indicator of this is the icon that unity displays for the file,


If they appear like this, they are recognised as text assets, however if they appear as below, they havent been recognised.

I hope this helps!

For anyone else having trouble, you may find this helpful.

  1. remove extension from argument: Resources.Load(“MyJsonFileName”) //without .json
  2. save file as CRLF (not LF)
  3. save file into folder “Resources

Thank all who answered me. I do not know how, but when i changed the code to this:
*** TextAsset textAsset = (TextAsset) Resources.Load (“Languages / en”, typeof (TextAsset)); ***
It works. I changed file form .po to .txt.
I don’t know how is possible is, i did this before several times and it didn’t worked.
Thanks all.