TextEditor in editor gui?

I’ve been trying to get access to the TextEditor for a TextArea object in an Editor window. I’ve used the same patterns I see in other examples and I think they work only in game gui, not editor gui. For example this works:

Rect bounds = new Rect(10, 20, Screen.width - 10, Screen.height - 20);
stringToEdit = GUI.TextArea(bounds, stringToEdit);
int controlID = GUIUtility.GetControlID(bounds.GetHashCode(), FocusType.Keyboard);  
TextEditor editor = (TextEditor)GUIUtility.GetStateObject(typeof(TextEditor), controlID -1);

but this does not:

the_text= EditorGUILayout.TextArea(the_text, GUILayout.ExpandHeight(true));
int controlID = EditorGUIUtility.GetControlID(b.GetHashCode(), FocusType.Keyboard);  		
TextEditor editor = (TextEditor)EditorGUIUtility.GetStateObject(typeof(TextEditor), controlID -1);

Am I right in thinking TextEditor can’t be accessed in the editor? Or am I missing something obvious?

Found a way to grab the TextEditor for an EditorGUI.TextArea/Field (requires Reflection):

TextEditor tEditor = typeof(EditorGUI)
     .GetField("activeEditor", BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.NonPublic)
     .GetValue(null) as TextEditor;

For future reference: I’ve verified that the TextEditor is available when using GUI.Textarea but not when using EditorGUI.TextArea.