TextMesh and pragma strict together, issue

I began using #pragma strict when my project was updated from 2.x to 3.3 as it added into my javascript and I was reading all the good things it forces you to do, so I stuck with it.

Using the script example from the Unity website, I was not getting the results I expected,
and for newbies to OOP and Unity, I think my question / comment might help others.

when using examples scripts such as …

var ETD_TextMesh: TextMesh = ETD.GetComponent(TextMesh);

without #pragma strict, this will work!
With #pragma strict you need to type it…

var ETD_TextMesh: TextMesh = (ETD.GetComponent(TextMesh) as TextMesh);

(where ETD is a gameobject set by using a find)

So my question was if the conversion is going to add the #pragma strict, and its better to use, why don’t we make sure to add typing and such to our exmples, so the newbies (like me) don’t bang their heads for so long. : ]

Better yet, use

var ETD_TextMesh = ETD.GetComponent.<TextMesh>();

No need to type it as it’s implicitly set to TextMesh, and there’s no issues with it needing casting as it returns a TextMesh not a component