TextMesh Pro is missing from create gameobject

i was using textmesh pro in my project , today i opened the project and noticed that there is no TextMesh Pro options to select in UI anymore , and when i click on a textmesh pro component which i had earlier in my project i got this worning :
“Could not create a custom UI for the shader ‘TextMeshPro/Mobile/Distance Field’. The shader has the following: ‘CustomEditor = TMPro.EditorUtilities.TMP_SDFShaderGUI’. Does the custom editor specified include its namespace? And does the class either derive from ShaderGUI or MaterialEditor?
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)”

i created a new project and i could find TextMesh pro options at UI section there , so i find out only my main project has this problem , i tried Reimporting textmesh pro assets in Assets folder but it did not work.

as u can see in he photo uploaded there is no texxm

esh pro in UI anymore.
i am using unity 2018.3.5f1

I don’t know if you found a solution to this problem, but if you create a new unity project and copy the manifest.json file for the package manager file and paste it in to the packet manager file for old project it fixes the problem.