TextMeshPro displays white blocks when creating prefab or changing localscale

There are two scenarios in which my text is turning into white boxes/blocks that are the same width as the character I’m trying to display.

1) I serialize (save) a prefab with my text component as a child of the root object. When I instantiate that prefab at runtime, this happens.

2) I setup a UI image. I add a child with a TextMeshProUGUI component. I add a script that changes the localscale of the image on hover. At runtime, the text displays fine at first. When hovering over it (triggering the script), the text turns to white blocks.

Both cases are using the “Text Mesh Pro UGUI” component.

Unity 2017.1.3f1 | TextMesh Pro

Edit: Other than these cases, text shows up perfectly fine.

Turns out the problem was that I was setting the z component of the local scale to zero. :slight_smile: