TextMeshPro input field text position resets on 'delete' key

The problem is simple but I can’t seem to figure out why it is happening or how to fix it.
When I am typing in the text mesh pro input field, if i press the delete key then the text moves over to the centre of the screen
The position its self is not moving, I cant find any variable that changes, all that happens is that on the screen the text moves over to the centre of the screen. This is bad because I have two of them and if you press delete on both of them(because you misspelled something), then they overlap as they both go in the middle of the screen.

Hello, this reply comes fairly late, but this is one of the first searches that comes up for this ‘issue’. The solution is to navigate to your Text component in the inspector, and change the Rect Transform anchors accordingly. The default for me was set to stretch center, and I changed it to the left-middle anchor position, since I was aligning my text from the left as well.

Could you post a picture to show your objects in your hierarchy ?

Their position might be reset by their inputfield parent