TextMeshPro Inputfield Deselected by TouchScript

I put a TextMeshPro Inputfield on my canvas and configured it to my liking. But, when I play, every time I’m trying to select it, it selects and then deslects. Nothing else is being selected. I’ve used a Select/Deselect Handler on every object in the scene to detect this.

I am using TouchScript in the same scene (A transform gesture and transformer on a sprite so I could drag it) and everything seems to be fine when I disable everything TouchScript related.

Has anyone else experienced this conflict? What did you do? Is there a way to make them play nice together?

Remove Standalone Input Module from EventSystem gameObject. Touch Script has it’s own Input Module. This solved the problem for me.

@Sabre-Runner this is still an issue today. Did you find a solution? Looking for anything that works, no matter how ‘hacky’ it is…,This is still an issue. Did you resolve this somehow? Looking for anything that works, even if it’s a bit hacky