TextMeshPro UI and SVG sprite looking hazy and blur in unityWebGl,TextMeshPro UI and SVG sprite looking hazy and blur in UnityWebGl

I’m using TextMeshPro in unity for WebGl project, but all text looking hazy and blur even i have used quality settings Ultra and i’m also use SVG sprite for that project, all sprite also looking pixlet and hazy.

Hi there! this is a FAQ lately… However there are a few things you can try:

  • Disable HDRP in the main camera
  • Make sure the filter in the sprites are set in “Bilinear”
  • Play with the canvas scaler, i’d try Reference pixel size to be specific
  • When you are creting the font throught the font asset creator, make sure it’s in a good size reference, but not too much, because the big font need more storage and in a web project this is bad.
    Also, I tried all of this and even that I can’t get the quality I’m looking for… but maybe it can help you. Hope you find something useful here! cheers!