TextMeshPro (via Package Manager), its Essentials and Version Control

Hello, everyone.

While I did figure out the spirit of the new Package Manager (using Unity 2018.2.9f1) and its dependency management capabilities I cna’t figure out wether or not I’m supposed to add TextMesh Pro Essentials into my verison control system (git). As far as I understood, I usually keep the package annotation file in the repository so that any local Unity project will simply download all the necessary files with correct GUIDs. Does this principle hold true for TextMesh Pro Essentials?

Thank you!

I ran some tests with deleting TMP’s Essentials and reimporting them. Looks like GUIDs stay the same which means the only thing necessary for TMP to be included into the project is the package entry in the Packages/manifest.json file. This is how I imagine good dependency management so great work, Unity.