Texts As Objects?

Please excuse my basic question but I am trying to find a starting point
to begin working out a concept.

The basic idea is that words themselves will appear on the screen and will move and perform other actions based on touch interactions with the user.

Further, since each word(string of characters) will be something to select, swipe, double tap etc, and each of these gestures will result in a different behavior for the word. I am not sure where to begin. I don’t know if I need to pair each word in some away to an object and then have the words be some kind of attribute or property of the object or may be something else. So, you might say that the words will themselves will be like a character in the scenes. I don’t want the words to be 3D. They need to appear flat as though on a plane. However, if the plane that they occupied revolved and/or rotated that is okay but I don’t want them to be 3d mesh objects.

I hope to be able to use a font and not have to generate sprites for each word but like I said, I am uncertain as to where to begin. The second thing is that I want the words to be able to be change size and color based and possible other appearance attributes under certain conditions.

I am not asking for solutions, but I would like help in where to focus my learning in approaching this kind of a problem so I won’t waste time. Any suggestions or pointers on how to go about do this would be most appreciated.



Usually I direct design/discussion like this one to the Unity Forums. And if you are looking for a larger discussion of your problem, you should take your question there. Unity Answers is for single specific technical issues. But there single solution that meets all of your criteria: 3D Text/Text Mesh. You can do:

GameObject > Create Other > 3D Text

…to create text in the scene or to create a prefab with your setting and scripts. If you need the text to interleave with world objects, there is a page in the Wiki that shows you how.


3D Text supports ‘Rich Text’ so you can change color, and you can scale the object. The only potential issue I see is the collider. The typical solution for a collider for a TextMesh is to put a box collider on the object, but if you are going to change the text in the TextMesh dynamically, then it will take some work to figure out the height and width.

If you don’t need dynamic text, one alternate solution is create textures for your words and just put the texture on a Quad.