Texture a Cube - Different Face different texture

This question is going to make me look like an utter fool, but how do you texture a cube, making every face a different texture? Do you need a custom shader for this?
Any help would be appreciated,

this is not something you would do with a built-in primitive cube… you would do this in your 3d modelling/animation software, at least the set-up… you need to unwrap the cube so that each side has a corresponding texture position… my advice to you is, create your own cube out of planes, by positioning them correctly and child them all to an empty parent object. this will be easier unless you have access to an animator…

Here is an unwrapped cube for you:


there are a couple of textures, so you can see how the different parts of the image(tile) match up exactly to the cube, just apply the tile to the cube…

for your needs though, again I think 6 separate objects are easier though…

EDIT: that is, assuming you want to be able to swap out images on individual sides… Don’t know why I assume that… otherwise this IS the way to go