texture alpha with color constant

Hello everyone,
i’d like to know if it possible to create a Pass where i multiply the texture alpha with a loaded constant color

        SetTexture [_MainTex] { 
            constantColor [_Ccolor]
            combine texture.a * constant

does anyone know how this is achievable?

There is a second form of combine which calculates the alpha separately from the color, like this:

combine color, alpha

So you probably want something like this:

combine texture, texture * constant

Note: untested code! Let me know if that doesn’t work, I can investigate further…

Hi Graham, i am not very familiar with the unity shader system, any help is appreciated

if i had to write GLSL it would be something like this

float4 color = tex2D(diffuseTextureSampler, in.UV);
color.RGB = materialConstantColor.RGB;

so basically my final pixel will be (texture.ALPHA + constant.RGB)
any ideas?