Texture appears dark on edges


My problem might appear be a simple one to many but I have been stuck on this for quite a while. I also googled it but the given solutions didn’t solve my problem. As seen in the attached screenshot the problem is in the texture. The texture wrap mode is already set to repeat and its tri linear. The texture appears dark on the edges and the tiling is also not uniform. It looks as if there is no tiling on x axis on the walls

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thankyou.

First in your modelling software (e.g. Blender) you could check if your normals are correct, if they are pointing to the outside.

Second, check your uv mapping. Looks like it is not correcetly unwrapped.

If both things are correct, check your import settings inside unity. Click on your for model (mostly a .fbx file) and here you got “Generate Lightmap UVs” with its advanced settings. It depends on your model, but try to let unity generate the lightmap uvs for you. Below se the “Normals & Tangents” section, you have the option to import or calculate the Normals. Set it to calculate and play around with the smoothing angle (Unity - Manual: Model tab)