texture become low (resolution) from the side angle or from far distance

my problem it’s seems to be too easy
but i didn’t find any topic in unity answer that someone have the same problem
the problem start from here when
i give my object a shot Xd from the side angle
and from far distance
it’s become the same (( low resolution ))
but when i scroll too close from it it’s become high resolution
and i make all texture in high resolution 2048x2048 …
and i checked the project quality and i put it to the fantastic …


i hope some one will help to solve this problem …

MrSoad is correct. This comes from mip mapping.

Mip mapping is a technique useful for optimization. It will make textures lower resolution at a further distance. Theres two useful reasons to use mip mapping in your game.

1 -a pixel on the monitor can only display so much information. If a texture is too high of a resolution, the pixel will be fighting over what color to display creating a sharp “fuzzy” look.

2 -theres no reason to display a texture at 2048x2048 at a high distance. mip maps will make your game that much more optimized

The solution is to adjust your ansio level. The ansio is located in the inspector when you click on your texture. I have found anywhere from 2-3 does the trick for me. If you dont notice a difference you need to mess with your quality settings (specifically the quality settings for ansio override)

Thank you so much for this answer. I search long time for this tiny thing.
Thank you.