Texture Change Like a SLide Projector

Hello Everyone!
I am trying to have a plane loaded with textures 10 in an image sequence. I want the Player to be able to click mouse down on the plane and switch to the next texture (no buttons) just a simple click . Basically like a slide presenter that they can move through at their own pace.
I’ve tried several various scripts and cannot figure out what to do to just have a simple click and change texture happen.
I tried the script below but it only changed the mouse icon and not the texture in on the plane. It seems like such a simple thing to be able to do. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

var o : cursorDrawer;
var normalCursor : Texture2d;
var overCursor : Texture2d;
function OnMouseEnter ()
o.cursorImage = overCursor;
function OnMouseExit ()
o.cusorImage = normalCursor;

You need to change the texture in the material used by the thing that is rendering your plane:

// Say this script is attached to the plane, and that nextTexture is the texture
// you want to change to:
renderer.material.mainTexture = nextTexture;

Thanks for the help, but it didn’t work. I’ll keep trying