texture composed by photos is not displayed

Hello, I have a problem with the recognition of a mesh texture. I will add a mesh created with the Program PhotoScan. This program creates the texture of the object using numerous photos of the real object. The program creates the texture by overlaying images and extracting the common points, the RESULT is a realistic 3D. However , when I insert the file (.fbx) within the scene, the texture is not displayed. But, within the hierarchy, I can see that the model is divided in more mesh (one because of the high number of triangles) and also are shown all file names of the pictures, but what do not appear in the scene. All photos have, however, the coordinates visible in the inspector; clicking on the picture you can find the point within the mesh, but the photo is not displayed. If for example I put the FBX file within a modeling program likes Blender, I can see the texture. So I would ask if there is a chance to see the texture also in Unity. Thanks a lot.

You have to check if the source program exports the materials as well. Also if Unity imports them too.

You can do so by viewing the source fbx in the inspector:

Like you said, Blender for example does this.

If it can’t do that, you can import all your images into Unity and assign the right ones to the right mesh.

This might be very very annyoing but something else is not possible.

Looking at your screenshot, the program exports every picture as a new object, which would be very annoying if you had to assign each picture by hand again.

Check the source program for any settings regarding that.

Hope this helps.