Texture Doubled in size in RAM Profiler

As you can see, the texture is only 5.3 mb but at runtime is referenced twice as Material instance and material prefab and it take double of the size! It is really a lot of memory! What can I do for reduce this memory consumption? I have already compressed to 8 bits. what else? thank you!!

First you have to ask yourself if you really need a 2048x2048 texture - I can see that it is not a particularly detailed one, especially if you set it to 8bit. Secondly, you should crop the black space you don’t need - in your case, it is well above half the texture. Also, I’d advise you to use DXT5 compression as it looks better than ETC2, saves space, and is faster.

There was someone with something like a 13000x4000 texture who had 120MB of RAM taken per picture, and by cropping it it dropped to 5MB or something like that, so there’s that.

You generated mipmaps. They don’t require the same space as the full texture but at least half the full size. Since for performance reasons textures are almost always stored with a power-of-two size, it means at least one side would be doubled.

I noticed this. It might be a clue. Someone can explain it ?
I am using this texture on a simple quad where it is offeset giving the illusion of infinite repeated background.
I notice the voice:
“Material prefab” as well as “Material instance”. Both I believe occupy 4mb. But WHY this happens?