Texture height based on it width.

Hi, I have a GUITexture which content changes time by time.
All texture defined have the same width, but the height may change.
Until now, I have something like this:

void Start (){
    messageSize = new Vector2(Screen.width/3, Screen.height/5);		
	messageGO = new GameObject();
	messageGO.transform.position = Vector3.zero;
	messageGO.transform.localScale = Vector3.zero;
	messageGUI = messageGO.AddComponent<GUITexture>();
	messageGUI.name = "Message";

void Update(){	
       timer += Time.deltaTime;
        if(timer <= time){
           messageGUI.enabled = true;
	       messageGUI.texture = message;
           messageGUI.pixelInset = new Rect(position.x,position.y,messageSize.x,  
	        messageGUI.enabled = false;	
	        displayMessage = false;
	        timer = 0f;
	        currentMessage ++;

So, I was wondering if there is a way to make this messageSize.y adjusts dynamically. Something like we do in HTML, passing width = messageSize.x and messageSize.y = ‘*’.

What I have so far are fix messageSize. I would like that the messageSize.y change to have the necessary size, like we can do in HTML with the parameter height = ‘*’.

If you want to keep the width constant, and at the same time preserve the texture’s aspect ratio, you can do this:

float messageNewHeight=messageSize.x*message.height/message.width;
messageGUI.pixelInset = new Rect(position.x,position.y,messageSize.x,  

If you also need to adjust position.y, it gets a bit more complicated. Just tell me if you need that, and if so, how/where do you want to align your texture (bottom/center/top of texture).