Texture Import issue from modo 401 to unity iphone

After i have uv mapped the model and textured the uv map i would already have my model that is needed to be textured in unity iphone engine and have the uv map for that model already textured as well as saved as a PNG file. now my problem is when i drag and drop that textured uv map onto my model, the textures look like they are everywhere. Its as if unity has a problem with reading uv maps? can anyone tell me how i can or guide me to why this problem occurs? I've been doing it this way and it worked out fine before, but randomly unity would just decide to register the texture in the wrong areas of the model rather than having the textures in the correct area where i have placed them. if anyone can help me or understands why this is happening it would be a great amount of help. Thanks.

Hi, I read here that having un-used UV maps in Modo can lead to problems. Delete all unused UV maps? There's a bit on FBX / UV export issues over at the luxology forum too...

Regards, Ian