Texture lighting and seam issues


I am not sure what is causing this except that I know it happens when I use blocks for building levels. Where the blocks meet there is often either a bright seam if they overlap, or if they are even a teensy tinsy bit apart, there is a hole where light leaks through, regardless of ambient lighting. It’s like a z-battle, but instead of the disappearing textures, one block will be lit, and then the others…
Here is an example of that
image shows a block of lit texture, while the surrounding textures are unlit and dark

and then this issue

alt text

These are aligned right up against each other with no space between, at least not that i can seen at max zoom in the editor.
this seems to happen on any level when I use the primitives such as cubes to build things. Prefabbing them actually makes it worse. Occurs with transparent, bumped and regular diffuse

Expected behavior : Even lighting, so super bright seems or holes

Found my own answer again.

When moving multiple blocks using snap (cntl + move)about every third block was losing its snapped status, dragging the aligned blocks to it’s right with it. Currently the only way I can tell to correct it is to go back and snap all axis until the 2-3 messed up blocks are in line.