texture/mesh/shader problem on Android

Hi everybody,
I got a really strange drawing problem on my android devices.
You can see the problem on this video link :

As you can see there is some clipping on my screen on Android device, here it’s in the editor for Android build but I’ve got the same problem on my devices.
My project is already done for ios & PC/MAC and I never encountered this problem on others OS :/.
Someone got an explanation ?

I try to compressed my texture in those mod : DXT1 RBG / DXT5 RGBA / Automatic compressed / RGBA32 and the problem is still here. Maybe it’s my shader but it’s a mobile/Diffuse so I don’t think this can be the problem é_è.

And I don’t know why the mesh can create this problem ?

If someone got an idea or want more informations to answer me I’m still here :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help

Try increasing the near clipping plane value of your main camera. Below is from the Unity manual;

If you are experiencing depth artifacts (surfaces close to each other flickering), try setting Near Plane to as large as possible.


If you are refering to the flickering it looks like z Fighting. Since you said you tried using DXT I take it you are using a Tegra android device ?

The tegra devices have a limit of a 16 bit depth buffer so you cannot solve this by increasing the depth buffer size.

What you can do :

  • alter the geometry a bit so vertices are a bit farther away from each other

  • bring closer the far plane

Another test I encourage you to do is to see if the flicker appears on a Galaxy S (it has PVR GPU , similar to iPhone). If the flicker doesn’t show on Galaxy S , then it’s the Z Fighting problem I’ve described above.

In the Build Settings Inspector, under the resolution and presentation tab, make sure the “Use 24 bit depth” is checked. Most Android devices use 16 bit depth buffer by default. This way Unity will try to force a 24 bit depth buffer.