Texture not comming with import to unity from blender.

I’m trying to import a file from blender to unity, but the texture are not comming together.

First i create a new project with LWRP in Unity v.2019.2.14f1

Then i create a cube in blender 2.8 with this image as texture:

I export as FBX with select objects and path mode → Copy

When i import to unity:

Is there a problem with the version? Or i’m doing something wrong?

[Had to Update Blender to check that cause in 2.7 it worked well]
And here works almost the same, just import the texture manually, it’s boring, i know, but its what it is.
Edit: and drag the texture to the Albedo field in the material.149776-unity-201830f2-personal-1unity-tutos-pc-mac-linux.png