Texture plane Transparency

Ive got a portal model in my scene (just like an archway) and I made a portal texture (im using the portals as a way for my player to get to each level) I put the texture on a plane, and lined it up with the portal. The texture has transparency but its not showing? the edges of the plane are black. And if I hit the little “red green and blue” button by the texture, the middle gets cut-out. not the edges. Thanks

Wow it’s been a while sense I asked this XD Anyway what I did wrong was really stupid and simple. All you have to do is set the shader for the material to Transparent - Diffuse (or specular) And that’s it. Mine wasn’t working because my texture was pretty dark, and I couldn’t see the transparency working.

Create and select a new Material, click the “Shader” dropdown menu in the Inspector tab, and towards the bottom of the list is the “Transparent” section.

There are several different templates, but it sounds like you only have one texture map, so select “Diffuse”.

Place your portal texture on the material, put your material on the plane, and voila!